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Locking solutions for the medical and healthcare industry

From digital locks to mechanical locks, we can keep it safe! Euro-Locks Belgium have an extensive, well established range of locking solutions to suit every requirement.

All of our locking solutions ensure that medicines, personal belongings, patient notes and confidential papers are stored safely and only accessible to staff with the right keys.

All of our locks can be supplied ‘to differ’, allowing each ward or department to have its own key and a key stored securely at the pharmacy for example. This means trolleys can be securely moved between wards or consultation and treatment rooms, or items retrieved securely from cabinets, with no unauthorised access.

An extensive range of locking systems that are built for protection

As a specialist manufacturer of locking systems, Euro-Locks supply a wide variety of locks and locking solutions for healthcare and medical applications. Our locks can be found on medical furniture in health centres, hospitals, nursing homes, vets and other healthcare buildings.

  • Hospital beside lockers and cabinets for secure storage of patient’s medication and personal belongings on the ward
  • Drug and medicine trolleys to provide secure delivery and distribution of drugs and medicines from pharmacy to ward
  • Drug and medicine cabinets and cupboards for secure, bulk storage of medicines and drugs
  • Medical records cabinets and trolleys for the secure storage, distribution and accessibility of patient notes and confidential papers
  • Personal storage cupboards and lockers for storing and securing personal belongings and possessions for staff and visitors

Our range of medical furniture lock types include:  

  • Latchlocks
  • Camlocks
  • Multi-drawer locks
  • Side filer locks
  • Pedestal locks

Our lock ranges come in a variety of finishes including antibacterial and antimicrobial, and are built to be sustainable in all environments including wet areas and areas that are subject to heavy chemicals such as cleaners and disinfectants.

Many of our locks are available with S-Line antibacterial over moulded keys. The unique over moulding process helps fight bacteria and avoids cross contamination between multiple users of the same key.

In addition we have a range of advanced mechanical and programmable electronic locks offering contactless and keyless solutions, helping to avoid contact with contaminated surfaces.

If none of our locking systems are quite right for your application, we also offer a bespoke design and manufacture service if you need something to be adapted or changed.

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