29,6 mm Push-In Lock B351

29,6 mm Push-In Lock B351
29,6 mm Push-In Lock B351
Product Description

A 29,6 mm Push-In Lock available in bright nickel. The push lock action makes it ideal for use in cupboards and cabinets.

  • Standard movements: 48° CW & ACW
  • Lock Combinations: 200
  • Standard finish: Bright nickel
  • Fixing hole shape: Round
  • M Keyed system supplied to order only
  • B293 and B805: Spindle threaded M3
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Product CodeKey SeriesCombinationsBody LengthHead WidthHead DepthFinishØBStrokeLock TypeA DimensionEnquire
B2932D20029.615.229.6 Bright Nickel63.7 & 4.5Locking38.6 Enquire
B3512D20029.615.229.6 Bright Nickel57Locking47.8 Enquire
B3612D20029.615.229.6 Bright Nickel4.77Locking47.8 Enquire
B4442D20029.615.229.6 Bright Nickel57Locking40.3 Enquire
B5182D20029.615.229.6 Bright Nickel57Locking36.7 Enquire
B6292D20029.615.229.6 Bright Nickel57Locking37.6 Enquire
B805800 M20029.615.229.6 Bright Nickel64.5 & 3.5Locking38.6 Enquire
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