28,5 mm - 30,0 mm Turn To Lock B258

28,5 mm - 30,0 mm Turn To Lock B258
28,5 mm - 30,0 mm Turn To Lock B258
Product Description

A 28,5 mm - 30,0 mm Turn To Lock available in bright nickel. The turn to lock action makes this lock ideal for various applications including enclosures, cabinets and doors.

  • Standard movements: 3
  • Lock Combinations: 200
  • Standard finish: Bright nickel
  • Fixing hole shape: Round
  • Stroke length: 7,0 mm
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Product CodeKey SeriesCombinationsBody LengthHead WidthHead DepthFinishStrokeLock TypeMovementØDL DimensionEnquire
B2582D20028.515.228.5 Bright Nickel7Locking3648.2 Enquire
B3422D20028.515.228.5 Bright Nickel7Locking3446 Enquire
B3432D20028.515.228.5 Bright Nickel7Locking35.547 Enquire
B3522D2003015.230 Bright Nickel7Locking3547.8 Enquire
B3532D2003015.230 Bright Nickel7Locking3460.5 Enquire
B3542D20028.515.228.5 Bright Nickel7Locking4639.5 Enquire
B3552D20028.515.228.5 Bright Nickel7Locking3647 Enquire
B3622D2003015.230 Bright Nickel7Locking3955.5 Enquire
B4352D20028.515.228.5 Bright Nickel7Locking3547.8 Enquire
B4732D20028.515.228.5 Bright Nickel7Locking3637.5 Enquire
B4792D2003015.230 Bright Nickel7Locking3459 Enquire
B4812D2003015.230 Bright Nickel7Locking3468 Enquire
B4852D20028.515.228.5 Bright Nickel7Locking3541.8 Enquire
B6382D20028.515.228.5 Bright Nickel7Locking3654.5 Enquire
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