Universal Bin Lock 5525

Universal Bin Lock 5525
Technical Drawing

A Universal Bin Lock manufactured to industry standard footprint for use on industrial waste and recycling bins. This lock id designed with only 6 component parts ensuring a smooth locking action and reliability. The design is also streamlined and tapered to reduce snag points.

Pressure die cast from zinc alloy, this lock is resistant to corrosion from wash downs and has been tested in excess of 65,000 operations.

Now available with optional fixing styles and latching or non-latching operation modes.

Product Code Key Series Body Length Head Width Head Depth Enquire
5525 8mm Tri-head 16.3 22 7.5 Enquire
  • Optional fixing styles: M6 through-bolts or M6 Thread-forming screws
  • Optional operation modes: Latching open or non-latching. Simply remove paper label and coding pin to convert to non-latching
  • Available keys: 8mm triangular key 8005401; or extended body key 9304673 supplied on request
  • Industry standard footprint with 8mm triangular profile key operation – accepts most common striker hooks
  • Pressure die cast zinc alloy housing for ultimate durability
  • Successfully tested in excess of 65,000 operations
  • Highly efficient design: only 6 component parts ensuring smooth action and reliability
  • Streamlined and tapered design: reduces snag points and eliminates the need for additional deflector plates
  • Resistant to corrosion from wash-downs