Electronic Latch Lock 3792

Electronic Latch Lock 3792
Product Description

An electronic latch lock 3792 supplied complete with striker. The latch lock is fitted to the interior of the furniture and can be integrated with existing systems or used as a standalone system.

With an easy push-to-lock action, the latch simply requires an electronic pulse (pulled to ground) to lock and unlock the unit. An internal sensor provides feedback on whether the door is closed.

When coupled with a suitable operating system, the latch lock can be locked and un-locked using a keypad, RFID card, fingerprint recognition and many other user ID methods.

This makes it ideal for use on applications such as lockers, postal and delivery access systems, asset management systems and other enclosures.

The lock comes complete with a striker, but requires a cable for operation – please see ‘Accessories’ below. 

For Striker Assembly 'X' Dimension please see table in ‘Details’ below.

Download the complete Technical Drawing containing information about the connector cables by clicking the link.

Looking for a complete system? We can provide you with an entire Compartment Locking System including touchscreen interfaces, software, and latches. For further information contact us today on +32 61 212.261.

DETAILS   Download PDF
Product CodeBody widthBody heightBody depthEnquire
3792807020 Enquire
Product Code Description
9560510 1 Metre Cable
9560520 2 Metre Cable
9560530 3 Metre Cable
9560540 4 Metre Cable
9560550 5 Metre Cable
9560560 6 Metre Cable

NOTE: All cables have male connectors both ends

Override Key  
Product Code Description
9300124 Extra extended Override Key

NOTE: One per 50 locks/order as standard

Technical Drawing