9.5mm Mini Camlock F510

9.5mm Mini Camlock F510
9.5mm Mini Camlock F510
Product Description

A 9.5mm Mini Camlock F510 available in Black plastic RAL 9011 (other colours available on request). This camlock is ideal for various applications including Asset Management.

  • Standard movements:1, 8
  • Lock Combinations: 50-200
  • Standard finish: Black plastic ral 9011, other colours on request
  • Fixing hole shape: Round with notches
  • 4 fixing clips supplied
  • F578: with plastic barrel
  • F664: with integrated Mazak insert
  • Dimension ‘B’ specification: See Cams
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Product CodeKey SeriesCombinationsBody LengthHead WidthHead DepthMax Panel ThicknessCapFinishEnquire
F3121F M2000226 -- Enquire
F510FH2009.5226 UncappedBlack Plastic Enquire
F511FH2009.5226 CappedBlack Plastic Enquire
F5131F M2009.5226 CappedBlack Plastic Enquire
F514H509.5226 UncappedBlack Plastic Enquire
F515H509.5226 CappedBlack Plastic Enquire
F578FH2009.52260.75 - 2.2 UncappedBlack Plastic Enquire
F664FH2009.62260.75 - 2.2 UncappedBlack Plastic Enquire
Technical Drawing