8,1 mm - 9,7 mm Mini Camlock TJ5C

8,1 mm - 9,7 mm Mini Camlock TJ5C
8,1 mm - 9,7 mm Mini Camlock TJ5C
Product Description

A 8,1 mm & 9,7 mm Mini Camlock TJ5C available in Bright Chrome or Nickel with a round (with notches) fixing hole shape. Some of these camlocks can be shuttered and greased for greater protection when used outdoors. This makes them ideal for applications such as Enclosures.

S-Line antibacterial overmoulded keys available with this lock, download the brochure here.

  • Standard movements: 1, 3 (TJ5C, F109, F191, F228); 8, 9 (TJ5A, F123)
  • Lock Combinations: 100-500
  • Standard finish: Bright chrome, bright nickel
  • Fixing hole shape: Round with notches
  • M Keyed system supplied to order only 
  • ‘T’ Dimension: Head Depth
  • ‘L’ Dimension: Body Length
  • Comprehensive range of cams available: see Cams
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Product CodeKey SeriesCombinationsBody LengthHead WidthHead DepthMax Panel ThicknessFinishHousing FixingVersionEnquire
F1099000 M5009.72560.8-5.5 Bright ChromeHorseshoe clipShuttered Enquire
F1239000 M1008.1257.50.8-3.25 Bright NickelHorseshoe clipStandard Enquire
F1919000 M5009.72560.8-3.25 Bright NickelHorseshoe clipShuttered Enquire
F2289000 M5009.72560.8-5.5 Bright NickelHorseshoe clipStandard Enquire
TJ5A9000 M1008.1257.50.8-3.25 Bright ChromeHorseshoe clipStandard Enquire
TJ5C9000 M5009.72560.8-5.5 Bright ChromeHorseshoe clipStandard Enquire
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