9,0 mm L Handle 1602

9,0 mm L Handle 1602
9,0 mm L Handle 1602
Product Description

A 9,0 mm L Handle 1602 available in Bright Chrome. This handle has the option of a caulking cam which is fitted with a threaded spindle and is ideal for windows.

  • Lock Combinations: 200-2,000
  • Standard finish: Epoxy, bright chrome
  • Fixing hole shape: Round with screw fixing (see technical drawing)
  • M Keyed system supplied to order only
  • Click the links for details on accessorieshandle movements and spindles
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Product CodeKey SeriesCombinationsBody LengthVersionLock TypeFixingHandle LengthHandle DepthHandleCam TypeEnquire
160292 M2009 StandardLockingConcealed10143-- Enquire
16089 StandardNon-LockingConcealed10143-- Enquire
16109 StandardFixedConcealed10143-- Enquire
162092 M2009 StandardLockingConcealed10143Threaded SpindleCaulking Enquire
16219 StandardNon-LockingConcealed10143Threaded SpindleCaulking Enquire
164492 M2009 StandardLockingVisible10143-- Enquire
16459 StandardNon-LockingVisible10143-- Enquire
16469 StandardFixedVisible10143-- Enquire
170295-97 M2,0009 StandardLockingConcealed10143-- Enquire
174495-97 M2,0009 StandardLockingVisible10143-- Enquire
180264 M1,0009 StandardLockingConcealed10143-- Enquire
182064 M1,0009 StandardLockingConcealed10143Threaded SpindleCaulking Enquire
184464 M1,0009 StandardLockingVisible10143-- Enquire
1874641,0009 ShutteredLockingConcealed10143-- Enquire
1875641,0009 ShutteredLockingVisible10143-- Enquire
1876641,0009 ShutteredLockingConcealed10143Threaded SpindleCaulking Enquire
Technical Drawing