Flush Fitting Handle B824

Flush Fitting Handle B824
Flush Fitting Handle B824
Product Description

A flush fitting handle B824 in Black plastic. Available with a 2 or 3 point locking mechanism and with minimal projection this handle is ideal for various applications including Metal Office Furniture, Enclosures and Lockers.

  • Lock combinations: 200, 2,000
  • Standard movements: 8
  • Standard finish: Rose – Black. Handle – Black
  • Maximum panel thickness: 0.8mm – 1.5mm
  • M Keyed system supplied to order only
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Product CodeKey SeriesCombinationsBody LengthMax Panel ThicknessCam FixingFinishHandle DepthHandle Diameter ØLock TypeMovementEnquire
169692 M20017.70.8-1.2 ScrewBlack1285Locking8 Enquire
179395-97 M2,00017.70.8-1.2 ScrewBlack1285Locking8 Enquire
B82425-27 M2,00017.70.8-1.2 RivetedBlack1285Locking8 Enquire
B86625-27 M2,00017.70.8-1.2 ScrewBlack1285Locking8 Enquire
B87525-27 M2,00017.71.2-1.5 RivetedBlack1285Locking8 Enquire
B89417.70.8-1.2 RivetedBlack1285Non-Locking8 Enquire
B89517.70.8-1.2 ScrewBlack1285Non-Locking8 Enquire
B89625-27 M2,00017.71.2-1.5 ScrewBlack1285Locking8 Enquire
B89717.71.2-1.5 ScrewBlack1285Non-Locking8 Enquire
B90417.71.2-1.5 RivetedBlack1285Non-Locking8 Enquire
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