Safe Locks

Euro-Locks supplies a range of safe locks, suitable for high-security applications, including safes, postal and drop boxes. Our safe locks are designed to be resistant to mis-use, using an anti-pick lever mechanism for added security. 

All of our Safe Locks are fitted with anti-pick levers as standard and are available with 7, 8 or 11 levers and a variety of lock combinations from 1,600 to 200,000. 

Safe lock features

Safe locks from Euro-Locks typically come with a range of features or choices to suit your particular application. Some of these include: 

  • Range of standard movements
  • Multiple lock combination choices
  • Choice of finishes and colours
  • Double bitted keys for added safety
  • Anti-pick levers
  • High precision die cast and pressed steel components

Not sure which lock to you need for your safe or secure locking requirement?

Euro-Locks is part of the Lowe and Fletcher Group, who has been supplying locks for industrial and commercial applications for over 120 years. Our experience in supplying secure locking systems means that we are able to offer the best advice, no matter what your requirements are. Our lock design and manufacturing capabilities mean that we are able to offer bespoke locking solutions where other locks aren’t suitable for the job. ​

Get in touch about our locks for safes

Click here to send an enquiry. For over the phone assistance, you can contact us on +32 61 212 261 and one of our specialists will be happy to help. ​