16,0 mm Tool Operated Water Resistant Camlock F183

16,0 mm Tool Operated Water Resistant Camlock F183
16,0 mm Tool Operated Water Resistant Camlock F183
Product Description

A 16,0 mm Tool Operated Water Resistant Camlock F183 available in Bright Chrome or Black Epoxy. The lock is supplied with an ‘O’ ring that is placed between the lock head and panel and is IP65 rated. This makes it ideal for use on outdoor applications such as Enclosures and Postal.

  • Standard movements: 8, 9
  • Standard finish: Bright chrome, black epoxy
  • Panel thickness: 8,0 mm
  • Fixing hole shape: Squared
  • Comprehensive range of Cams and Accessories available: See Technical Information
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Product CodeKey SeriesBody LengthHead DepthMax Panel ThicknessCam FixingKey NumberEnquire
F1835mm Double Barb1668 ScrewF8075 Enquire
F1847mm Square1668 ScrewF8082 Enquire
F1858mm Triangle1668 ScrewF8076 Enquire
F1868mm Square1668 ScrewF8083 Enquire
F1876mm Square1668 Screw(multiple) Enquire
F1883mm Double Barb1668 ScrewF8074 Enquire
F2086.5mm Triangle1668 Screw(multiple) Enquire
F2099mm Triangle1668 ScrewF8078 Enquire
F2908mm Triangle1669 RivetedF8076 Enquire
F297Coin1668 Riveted- Enquire
F307Coin1668 Riveted- Enquire
F3456mm Square Female1668 ScrewF8080 Enquire
F4703mm Double Barb1638 ScrewF8074 Enquire
F4715mm Double Barb1638 ScrewF8075 Enquire
F4726.5mm Triangle1638 Screw(multiple) Enquire
F4738mm Triangle1638 ScrewF8076 Enquire
F4749mm Triangle1638 ScrewF8078 Enquire
F4756mm Square1638 Screw(multiple) Enquire
F4766mm Square Female1638 ScrewF8080 Enquire
F4777mm Square1638 ScrewF8082 Enquire
F4788mm Square1638 ScrewF8083 Enquire
F479Coin1638 Screw- Enquire
F4806mm Six Sided Lock1638 Screw- Enquire
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